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DOT Debugger


DOT the Debugger is here to save the supercomputer from the bug invasion.

Stand next to walls to hide from the bugs. Use debugging tools to destroy them. Defeat the bugs, save the computer, save the Earth.

The Full Game is available for Windows/Android/Web


A fan-game of the ever popular monster capturing series.

This is a re-imagining of the second generation of games, infused with a Final Fantasy twist.
Retro Graphics, Active Battle System, Infinte Movesets and an unconventional, but engaging storyline make this a must play for any fan.

Get a Super Eevee, visit the game code, and save the world!

Available on Windows

Nax of the Universe

Nax is a traveler who is exploring the universe, looking for the mythical, long lost planet, called "Earth".
Exotic planets, dangerous beasts, and a fast, fluid combat engine awaits.

No download currently available.


I love to play videogames.

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