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Fusion Flux

A creature collection card game centered around fusing cards to create stronger cards.

Battles take place in in a 3x3 board where cards are used to attack enemy cards

The game is in active development and playable directly in your browser, optimised for both Desktop and Mobile.

Open Beta Available (Web)


Get ready for a brand new adventure with Super Pokemon Eevee Edition! This fangame is a unique take on the classic Pokemon formula.

Whether you're a fan of the original games or looking for something new and refreshing, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition promises to be a journey you'll never forget.

Full Game Available (Windows)

DOT Debugger


DOT the Debugger is here to save the supercomputer from the bug invasion.

Stand next to walls to hide from the bugs. Use debugging tools to destroy them. Defeat the bugs, save the computer, save the Earth.

Full Game Available (Windows/Android/Web)

Nax of the Universe

Nax is a traveler who is exploring the universe, looking for the mythical, long lost planet, called "Earth".
Exotic planets, dangerous beasts, and a fast, fluid combat engine awaits.

No download currently available.

Cell Survival

Basketball Collection


Dream Module is run by solo indie developer Raonak Naicker, operating from New Zealand.