Dream Module

Game Projects


DOT Debugger

A 2D stealth-action game about a black square called DOT.
Use digital camouflage by standing next to walls to avoid bugs

Can you save the Binary Engine?

Available on Windows/Android/Web


A fan-game of the ever popular monster capturing series.

This is a re-imagining of the second generation of games, infused with a Final Fantasy twist.
Retro Graphics, Active Battle System, Infinte Movesets and an unconventional, but engaging storyline make this a must play for any fan.

Get a Super Eevee, visit the game code, and save the world!

Available on Windows

Nax of the Universe

Nax is a traveler who is exploring the universe, looking for the mythical, long lost planet, called "Earth".
Exotic planets, dangerous beasts, and a fast, fluid combat engine awaits.

No download currently available.


In the year 20XX, turing-approved sentience was successfully gained by machines.
They were perfect at replicating all facets of the human experience, except for one thing.

They could not dream.

Dream (noun) - a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

Dreaming is a uniquely animalistic exercise which is mysterious to neuroscientists and psychologists alike. By analysing countless lines of code, both in machines, and inside the fabric of space-time; we have come up with a (patent pending) idea that can allow machines to dream.

We call it.... the Dream Module.

We then convert these machine dreams into into playable games.