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Nax of the Universe


Nax of the Universe is an Action RPG that focuses on having a fast, fluid and deep combat engine.

Nax combines the stylish combat,usually found in the Devil May Cry series with an RPG framework, including gaining experience, leveling up and finding loot, to give additional satisfaction to the combat.

You can download the Pre-Alpha of the game here
Nax 0.14 [24/12/13]

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  • 60FPS Combat Engine
  • Five Different Weapons (Current alpha has 3)
  • Snatcher, a spacebending ability allowing you to teleport enemies to you, or you to them
  • Dodge or Parry attacks
  • Air Juggling
  • Instant, on-the-fly weapon switching
  • RPG Progression Systems, kill enemies to gain EXP, to level up, to spend skill points on stats
  • Multiple Elemental and Status effects
  • Shop system to upgrade Nax's abilities
  • Equipment & Lootdrops(Not yet implemented)

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