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Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

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Get ready for a brand new adventure with Super Pokemon Eevee Edition (SPEE)!

In this fangame, you'll take control of a special Eevee that can switch between evolutions at will, allowing you to adapt to any challenge. Explore a new full region inspired by the beloved Generation 2 games, consisting of retro graphics, diverse environments and powerful corrupted Pokemon. Plus, with a Final Fantasy-style music and battle system, this game is a unique take on the classic Pokemon formula.

Whether you're a fan of the original games or looking for something new and refreshing, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition promises to be a journey you'll never forget.

Play it before it gets taken down! Download Super Pokemon Eevee Edition today!


Super Eevee Retro Graphics Active Battle System Unlimited Movesets New Region Unconventional Storyline Corrupted Pokemon Item Crafting Sidequests & Trophies

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