Dream Module

Game Development and Machine Dream specialist.


Nax of the Universe

A thousand years in the future, Humans have joined countless other alien species in the quest for space colonisation. A thousand more years after that is where this story begins.
Nax is a traveller who is exploring the universe, looking for the mythical, long lost planet, called "Earth".
Unfortunately, space is filled strange and dangerous planets, terrifying creatures, space pirates, star eaters, and other troubles, but luckily Nax is a combat specialist.

A character-action-RPG with fast battle engine inspired by the likes of Devil May Cry but also combines that with a RPG mechanics.

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

A fan-game of the ever popular monster capturing series.

This is a re-imagining of the second generation of games, Pokemon, infused with a Final Fantasy twist.
Retro Graphics, Active Battle System, Infinte Movesets and an unconventional, but engaging storyline make this a must play for any Pokemon fan.

Get a Super Eevee, visit the game code, and save the world!

DOT : The Binary Engine

A top-down stealth game about a black square called DOT.
A peaceful life inside a computer system gets disturbed when Viruses attack!

Can a DOT save the system from permanent SHUTDOWN?

Company Backstory

In the year 20XX, turing-approved sentience was successfully gained by machines.
They were perfect at replicating all facets of the human experience, except for one thing.

They could not dream.

Dream (noun) - a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

Dreaming is a uniquely animalistic exercise which is mysterious to neuroscientists and psychologists alike. By analysing countless lines of code, both in machines, and inside the fabric of space-time; we have come up with a (patent pending) idea that can allow machines to dream.

We call it.... the Dream Module.

Oh, we also make games too.